Since its founding in 1953 by Robert Yates, Protection Controls, Inc. has provided combustion safeguards and burner management systems for the industrial heating industry. It was Mr. Yates who developed the rectifying principle for flame safety control in which the flame conducts the electrical current and rectifies the AC current to DC current. This principle is still in use today.

Protection Controls, Inc. is a highly specialized company with over 40 years of experience in flame safety control. Our product line includes many plug-in components and controls that are interchangeable with existing systems. The systems are designed with high signal strength to provide safe and secure operation while reducing the potential for system shutdown due to noise.

Protection Controls, Inc. has played an integral role in the drafting of combustion safety standards for the National Fire Protection Association. In addition to complying with NFPA codes, Proctection Controls' systems are approved by Underwriters Laboratory(UL), Factory Mutual(FM), and the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). Protection Controls, Inc. has been an IHEA member since 1953. Membership keeps us constantly aware of changes in the industry's requirements for safety and design. We work closely with other manufacturers to establish safe and reliable products for electrical and combustion equipment used in the industrial heating industry.

Protection Controls, Inc. continues to be owned and operated by the Yates family. Mr. James Yates (brother of Robert Yates and President for several years) passed away in 2008. Robert L.Yates (son of the founder) has retired. Douglas Yates and Bruce Yates are actively engaged in the day-to-day management of the company.