Ignitifier I 5909N
- motor-driven Multi-Burner igniter control
Automatically fires up to 40 burners... in seconds!

Improved Safety and Performance: One unit automatically fires up a complete network of gas burners in ovens, furnaces, boilers and heat treating systems.
High-Speed Spark Ignition: 40 burners within 3 seconds
No Spark Gap Loss: Positive contact-wiper switching design eliminates arcing gap and wasted energy. - puts full voltage spark at burner!
Interchangeable Components: When systems are enlarged, Rotor unit and spark electrode end plates can be replaced with higher capacity units to accommodate additional burners.
How it works...
When the Ignitifier is energized by a START button, a motorized double-end shaft rotates its wiping contact against a series of stationary contact tips (one for each Ignitor in the system). This causes a high voltage impulse from an ignition transformer to be fed to each burner spark electrode, and immediately ignites the gas-air mixture of each burner position (gas-air mixture has been simultaneously released with actuation of the START button). The unit repeats until all burners are ignited.