Ignitifier II 6954
- Solid-State Multiple Ignition System
Features One-Wire Distribution: One single compact unit ignites up to 30 (or more) spark ignited gas burners all at the same time and instaneously.

All Electric
Low Primary Current for many burners
No need for special high current switches, contactors or power supply
No mechanical action
No need for multiplicity of complex high voltage wiring; requires only single wire service to electrical box or similar connections. For ovens, furnaces, boilers, etc.
Compare to rotary and other mechanical systems:
Solid-state dependability, compactness
Can be installed for continuous operation
No moving parts, no mechanical wear
Instant, simultaneous sparking at all points
Ignites unbalanced mixtures more effectively
Saves on equipment installation time
Less space, less wiring, less conduit
Maintenance practically eliminated
Simple, quality components
Ignitifier III 7759
Features Spark Blind Ignitor (single burner)