Products and Parts Pricing

Tele-Fault II
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II First-Outage Fault Finder
Protectofier Parts
SS100A Flame-Pak Assembly (standard 2-4 sec. flame response)
SS108A Flame-Pak Assembly 0.8 sec. flame response
ACF Relay
2AC 200V Relay
2AC 230V Relay
TCL Relay
U300M/*Timofier (for Forms VT & VLT)
*specify purge & ignition timing
U300A/*Timofier (for Forms VBT & VBLT)
*specify purge & ignition timing
SS3CP Transformer
SS3CP Transformer w/ Pigtail Adapter
SS3CPD Transformer (200/230V dual voltage)
Thermal Circuit Breaker 15sec.
(or 10 sec; 5 sec.) (Safety Lock-Out Switch)
Thermal Circuit Breaker w/alarm contact 15 sec.
(or 10 sec; 5 sec.) (Safety Lock-Out Switch)
NE51H(B2A) Neon Bulb
Protectofier Test Accessories
Micro Amp Test Meter w/ Enclosure & Test Plug Assys.
(Dual Scale-Protective Curcuit)
Micro Amp Test Meter less Enclosure
(Dual Scale-Protective Circuit)
Test Plug Assy. for Micro Amp Test Meter
(Specify Alligator Clips, Ring Tong, Mini Plug)
Protectofier Component Tester (includes SS100A & ACF)
Flame-Pak / Relay Removal Tool
Flame Simulator
ACF Flame Relay Test Plug
(not for Check-Load relay position)
U300 Timofier Test Plug
P-CII (Ultra-Violet) Scanner & Accessories
P-CII U-V Scanner
(w/ 3/8" flexible metal conduit connector)
P-CII W U-V Scanner
(w/ 1/2" straight liquid-tite electrical connector)
P-CII WRA U-V Scanner
(w/ 1/2" right angle liquid-tite electrical connector)
Neoprene Gasket Pressure Seal for P-CII U-V Scanner
Heat Seal Assembly w/Magnifying Quartz Lens
Heat Seal Assembly w/Plain Quartz Lens
Fiber Insulator
Neoprene Washer for heat Seal Assembly
Magnifying Quartz Lens
Plain Quartz Lens
Insulating/Purging Nipple (w 1/8" threaded plugged port)
for Heat Seal Assy. and/or P-CII
Miscellaneous Parts
Remote Reset for Form 6642V(B models) Protectofier
Remote Reset for Form 7256(B models) Protectofier
VN154T911-UL Off-Run-Ignition Switch
Unified Neon light (specify Red or Amber) w/ Retaining Ring
Telefier light Socket & Plug w/ 36" Extended Lead
120V Bulb No. 6S6/3
ACF Relay w/ ACF Relay Socket-Terminal Board (incl.mtg.strip)
A06 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 1-6000V Sec Output Terminal))**
A10 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 2-5000V Sec Output Terminals)**
A10-LA2 Ignition Transformer (115V Pri, 1-10,000V Sec Output Terminal)**
C06-SA6 Ignition Transformer (230V 60Hz Pri, 6,000V Sec Output Terminal)**
Straight Insulated Connector
RA Insulated Connector (Right Angle)
Standard Ignition Cable(275 degrees F)
High Temperature Ignition Cable (550 degrees F)
RG62AU Flame Sensor Wire
NFPA 86 Booklet - 1995 (A&B combined) (ovens & furnaces)
NFPA 86C Booklet - 1995 (furnaces using processing atmosphere)
Alarm Horn (open type) (115V 60Hz)
Alarm Horn (enclosed type) (115V 60Hz)
Voltage Suppressor 115V
**Ignition systems shall not be used in lieu of combustion safeguards
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II
Form 8966 Tele-Fault II First-Outage Fault Finder
Tele-Fault II Mounting Bracket
N10.5 Enclosure with 1/4 DIN Cut-out for Tele-Fault II
Gasketed Transparent Cover for Tele-Fault II
Form 7658 Power Delay
Form 7658 Power Delay Module (NEC requires 115V)
(200V or 230V 50-60HZ for export applications only)
Replacement Parts
DP100 Delay Pak
SS4CP Transformer
ACF Check Relay
LR100 Relay
Cartridge Fuse - 1/4 ampere - Slow-Blow
Miscellaneous Products
Form 6642N/15 I-15 Cycle Timofier (15 sec. limited ignition trial timer)
Form 7760 Cam Operated Flasher Assembly
Form 7761/* Non-Adjustable Purge Timer (*specify timing)