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INTRODUCING: Dual/Redundant Self Check UV Flame Sensor & Combustion Safeguard Control

Our product line includes the Protectofier combustion safeguard system for continuous, automatic protection against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens, boilers, furnaces and other heating equipment. The system can monitor one or more burners, and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the rectification principle. Also provided by the company are Protectal Unified standard or customized control panels for single and multi-burner combustion. Custom control panels are engineered to meet any specific operating or safety requirements. The P-C II ultraviolet scanners can be used with any flame which contains ultraviolet and can be used simultaneously in Protectofier systems.

In addition to combustion system protection, the PCI Tele-Fault II first outage fault finder / annunciator can provide reliability and operating savings for monitoring ancillary equipment such as exhaust fans, water pressure, temperature limits, and gas pressures in heating and thermal processing systems. These units can monitor up to eight read-out positions and may be cascaded for additional read-outs.